mmwave.dsp.utils.windowing(input, window_type, axis=0)

Window the input based on given window type.

  • input – input numpy array to be windowed.
  • window_type – enum chosen between Bartlett, Blackman, Hamming, Hanning and Kaiser.
  • axis – the axis along which the windowing will be applied.


mmwave.dsp.utils.XYestimation(azimuthMagSqr, numAngleBins, detObj2D)

Given the phase information from 3D FFT, calculate the XY position of the objects and populate the detObj2D array.

  • azimuthMagSqr – (numDetObj, numAngleBins) Magnitude square of the 3D FFT output.
  • numAngelBins – hardcoded as 64 in our project.
  • detObj2D – Output yet to be populated with the calculated X, Y and Z information